18650 lithium ion battery technologies has weaknesses, beware of mobile power supply trouble

Including Apple products, including smart phones, Tablet by built-in lithium battery of the combustion and explosion for the same power-driven mobile power products are also full of wonder, consumers worried about power or it will become another source of this insecurity, and 18650 lithium-ion battery technologies that is one of its weaknesses.
    As the world's most mature liquid lithium-ion technology battery types 18650 cylindrical lithium-ion battery or monomers form or in the form of batteries are widely used in mobile devices, in particular on tablets and Smartphones, but 18650 cell structure due to its characteristics, there are inevitably some shortcomings already reported above equipment explosion accident, are made 18650 Lithium-ion battery caused by short circuits: if used incorrectly or because the battery design problems of its own, will make lithium-ion batteries (Group), internal pressure is too large, in the case of pressure relief, the hard shell of the battery (steel or aluminum) pressure, resulting in shell explosion.
    Current mobile power products using lithium-ion batteries as an energy storage unit, this kind of "lithium batteries" has two routes, one is liquid lithium-ion battery, 18650 model technology is the most mature, and thus also to 18650 lithium-ion battery as its representative. The so-called 18650 lithium battery, its diameter is 18 mm high, 65 mm specifications; another is lithium polymer batteries, General design for the square lithium-ion batteries. Polymer lithium-ion batteries for its arbitrary shapes, and is also used for many devices power, if used on the mobile power, can make consumers for mobile power supply miniaturization and thin demand to be met. However, lithium polymer batteries because of the different materials used in lithium ion batteries, and factory cost is higher.

    Many consumers for mobile power supply capacity, the pursuit of low prices seemed endless, they do not know much about: battery level, the two requirements are contradictory. Currently in line of several mobile power brand, as Yu Bo, and Pin Sheng, and Pin Neng, to open market pathway, early no a exception to will used price relative cheap of 18650 battery technology, as said,18650 battery in other mobile terminal appeared of problem application to mobile power also cannot completely avoid, consumers on city sale mobile power of concerns is not cross If consumers unwittingly buying inferior mobile power, or overcharge, will move when the power is in the process of working electrolyte of electrolytic hydrogen, releasing high levels of heat, not prevent, internal short circuit the battery which in turn caused the explosion, buried a hint of burn. So consumers in addition choose polymer lithium battery mobile power, also select normal factory products, although prices are slightly higher, but security is guaranteed.


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